What are the best calling days for telemarketing?

What are the best calling days for Telemarketing? A question I am quite often asked when meeting new clients. The reply is it really depends on the industry sector you want to target.

There is a misconception that Mondays and Fridays are poor and unlikely to produce results. Quite often prospects are in the office on these days and there is a relatively high chance of having a conversation.

Every day can be an effective telemarketing day

For instance I worked for an interior designer and the targets were House Builders that required interior design for show homes. It was proven by trial and error the best day to catch the marketing team was a Monday or Friday. Their working days were generally Thursday through to Monday the busiest days to sell houses.

In other industries there appears to be no set pattern. This is where you need to get reception or a member of the team on your side. If advised not available, just ask when would be a good time to call. Surprising how many times they will check your prospects calendar and give out that information.

I would advise do not get too fixated about the best days to call. The most important thing is to pick up the telephone and make that contact.