Questions about Telemarketing?

Junglebeat answers your telemarketing questions

The Partners of Junglebeat, Suzanne and Wendy answer some of the more popular questions we are asked about telemarketing.

How many sales leads and appointments will be generated each day of calling?

This can be very difficult to predict for products or services we have not promoted before. We use or knowledge and experience but factors to consider are:

  • The quality of the database.
  • Is the target market correct?
  • Are the contact details correct?
  • Is the main contact office or field based?

A short telemarketing trial is a great way to provide a more accurate guide on quality of data and expected results.

Where can I find data to use for telemarketing?

Data brokers can provide data for your needs.  It is possible to be quite specific on business type, postal codes and company size.

Always make sure the telephone numbers have been checked against the Corporate Telephone Preference List before calling. The data broker or Junglebeat can provide this service for you.

Why does Junglebeat Marketing not hold any data?

All data belongs to our clients.  When a campaign is finished, the completed database is returned to the client and deleted from our servers.

Can I pay by results only rather than by the hour?

Junglebeat Marketing charges by the hour or a day rate.  If you were to pay for results only you could miss out on opportunities where a prospect was not ready to buy now but does have an interest.  Our blog Pay per Hour v Pay per Appointment explains this in more detail.

How does Junglebeat define a sales lead?

A sales lead is where a prospect has shown a definite interest and need for the product or service you provide. They are ready to buy now or have definite plans to do so in near future.

A marketing lead is where a company has acknowledged an interest and requested further sales literature or an email.  This may or may not develop into a sales lead when followed up with further telephone calls and/or emails.

Please contact Junglebeat if you need further information or help.  We love talking to people – it’s what we do!