The Gift of the Gab

“the gift of the gab” and why that makes me an effective communicator

Sitting in my client’s office the other day, a remark was shouted over by my colleague Brian, “you sure have the gift of the gab”. We laughed!

I was born into an age when “to gab” just was not done at school. Where the rigid regime of quiet resounded throughout every classroom. The remark constantly from all my teachers was;

“Wendy you will never be anybody talking all the time”.

I can’t help smiling in remembrance and my reply today is;

“Look at me now. I have the gift of the gab”!

Over the last twenty so years in sales and marketing, I have made my living, just knowing when to gab. It is an essential tool to being a good all round communicator. It is an art. It is my top ability and yes I am proud of it.

Intelligent chatting, listening, understanding, interpreting, collaborating and interaction with work colleagues makes me the good team player people want to work with.
So I am happy to gab, and will continue to do so, to the delight of my clients!