New Year and Empty Appointment Diary?

Christmas and New Year break is over, you are back fully refreshed and ready to go. Open up the diary and it is marked with reminders of contacting prospects and clients or even appointments that you set before you left for the holidays.

Or is it?

You may be in the fortunate position of having a full order book just now but what about further into 2022? All businesses need a sales pipeline – a list of prospects at various points in the sales cycle, from leads to those ready to close. Building a sales pipeline is about keeping in regular contact with your prospects and clients. Using social media, networking, advertising and the telephone will help you, over time, to develop business relationships and generate sales.

One of the most direct ways to generate sales leads is telemarketing

Telemarketing will help you build a relationship with the prospect before a face-to-face meeting. The way a telephone call is structured, asking the right questions will help you understand what the prospect needs. Wendy has written a blog on how to find and qualify sales leads and provides an insight on how Junglebeat targets prospects for our clients.

It takes time and hard work to build a sales pipeline but increased sales and profits will be your reward.