How to write a telemarketing script

Creating an effective telemarketing script

I often refer to my telemarketing script as a map to get from A to B, following clear signposts to take me to the place I want to be. A script gives me the consistency needed to manage each marketing call, and the ability to review the conversations taking place.

First thing, you need to determine is the objective of a cold call;

Is this to identify the key decision maker? Are you introducing your company? Have you a new product? Are you seeking sales appointments?

Now you can build your telemarketing script!

Your opening: be concise and calm, introduce your company and clarify you are talking to the main decision maker.

Explain why you are making the call, remembering to thank them for talking to you. At this point have at least three open questions you can ask them relating to the product /service you are offering. Remember your need to warm the prospect up, they have not asked you to call, so be responsive to their answers and try mirroring back the conversation, “So you have used a similar software product, can I ask how it made a difference to your operations team?”

Again using a mirroring technique, reinstate what your company can offer and why your product/service could be an ideal solution to any “pain” they have with their current situation. A typical open question at this point would be “What would your ideal solution be?”

Towards the end summarize and confirm your understanding and truly show you have listened to the conversation. Ask them more specific questions re timescales, determine requirement, and directly ask if they would like to explore/discuss in more detail. At this point you can introduce your work colleagues, who can address their requirements, offer information, or an appointment, reinstating your company’s strengths in the marketplace.

And finally the close, clearly tell the prospect the next step, YOUR PLAN TO ACTION set up meeting, email or a future recall. Be decisive i.e., “Roger has availability next week Tuesday 7th at 2pm”, “I have diaried to give you a call in three months”. And lastly always thank the prospect whatever the outcome.