5 Top Tips to motivate your Telemarketing Team

Motivational tips for telemarketing teams

It can be challenging to keep a telemarketing team motivated. Team members can complain of frustration at repeated hang-ups and boredom after reaching endless voicemails. A demoralised team will miss out on valuable opportunities and fail to meet targets – but there are ways to fix this problem.

In order to overcome these concerns and motivate, empower and celebrate your valuable employees, implement these top 5 tips for success.

1. Involve your team in sales target planning

When a team member feels like they are contributing to the greater success of their organisation it can foster commitment and team spirit. Rather than directives coming from above, a weekly or monthly sales planning meeting that takes into account your team members’ skills and expertise can boost morale and help achieve targets.

2. Celebrate when monthly/quarterly/yearly targets are achieved

You don’t need to go all out with a banquet, limos and posh entertainment to celebrate your team’s achievements. Depending on your industry and the age of your employees, a simple pizza party or night at the pub might be the perfect way to kick back, relax and revel in all of your team’s good work. Alternatively, a special team building activity can help to say ‘thank you’ while continuing to work towards a cohesive successful B2B telemarketing team atmosphere.

3. Remember what it was like to have their job

We all know the stats – it can take up to 6 or 7 calling attempts to get through to the right person. As the team leader you may no longer be making these calls yourself, and it can be easy to forget the frustration and discouragement of not being able to speak to the prospect. Offer support and encouragement to your team.

4. Make sure your calling lists are targeted and fresh

To avoid constant brush-offs and hang-ups, make sure that you are doing the best you can for your team when you select the telemarketing client lists that you purchase. Are they targeted to the correct industry? Are they relevant to the product or service that you are providing? Most importantly, are they fresh? A stale call list can leave your team feeling overwhelmed and demoralised.

5. Offer fun incentives

While you may have a financial bonus system in place to reward your most successful B2B telemarketing employees, a relatively inexpensive but fun incentive can go a long way toward motivating your team. Prominently display a “Gameboard” upon which team members can compete for prizes (a voucher for the cinema or a gift card to a local pub) based on their successes that month. This may seem a little bit juvenile, but trust me – people of all ages love an interactive, skills based contest, and you will love the motivation it encourages!