5 Benefits of Telemarketing

Five benefits of using telemarketing to create sales leads and appointments for your business.

1. The telephone offers the most direct way to contact a prospect. A structured call will help you find out far more information than an email or other type of marketing can. Ask open questions; listen to the answers and also the tone of their voice. Prospects tend to reveal more information in a conversation.

2. Making contact will raise awareness of your company.

3. Telemarketing will provide feedback on what is going on in your targeted market. Is there really a need for your products or services? What opportunities are there to tender?

4. An opportunity to create sales leads for your sales pipeline. Prospect may not be ready to meet or buy just now but will in the future. Agree a call back date.

5. The ability to qualify and disqualify prospects. This will allow you to concentrate on those that have a need and are interested.